Shana Vandercruysse

I'm an artist. I love making things pretty. 

My professional focus and expertise is in 3D characters. While I can do both stylized and realistic, I have a preference for stylized.

Because of my background in teaching I've touched upon many subjects regarding characters. I've modeled characters for games, for animations, for print, but also have textured, rigged, animated and rendered them. You could say I have a wide range of skills, while being a perfectionist is pushing me to reach for the highest quality possible.

In my free time I'm still an artist. 

Here I like to spend my time painting and drawing. I've made posters, cards, logo's, decorated instruments, done make-up fx and so on. Sometimes for fun, sometimes as a present, sometimes per request. I love doing this, but haven't done it professionally. These works can be found on my blog.

Being an artist means much more to me than making cool images, though. I bring my creativity wherever I go, through making music, making food, making a home.

These are the things that make me me.