The Baker Realtime!

 I worked on this realtime project for quite a while after hours while trying to push myself to make the best thing I could! 
While being mentored by Lee Devonald, Jessica Madorran provided me with a concept that had amazing design in both shapes and colors. Without them I couldn't have done it! 

See the full project with WIP's and a 3D viewer on my homepage!

Mom's Birthday hug

Just like I did for my dad I had to make something special when my mom turned 50. 
You can see my brothers and me hugging the life out of her as she's such a cute little lady.

This turned out to be much more than a gift after I made a making-of, and it even got featured in Zbrush Central's Top Row!

Matti and Margot

This year our family has had a big setback. My brothers youngest, 3y/o Matti got into a nasty coma after a simple surgery gone bad. Due to lack of oxygen he got some severe brain damage, and is still recovering from that. Slowly everything is starting to look better, but our little happy minion isn't fully "back" yet. With all the support, love and prayers he's gotten a lot better though, and my brother and his wife are absolute champs for being so strong. 

My sister in law has set up her own blog (in dutch) where she tells her story and Matti's progress. If you're interested, you can check it out here:

I made this little piece in honour of Matti and his sister Margot for many mixed reasons and feelings. Love to all of them.



My buddy Dan Olthen asked for a small favor for his awesome Games production company Smartillery ( I designed the logo :3

50th birthday!

For my fathers 50th birthday I wanted to do something else than give him a pair of socks, a good bottle of wine, or sigars. So I put together this piece of my dad and the family in PS, printed and framed it. It is now a part of his living room decoration <3


Guitar Design

My best friend has this super cheap but very good guitar, and always plays crazy flamenco on it. He asked me to do something with it, and this is what I came up with.

I took down the strings, sanded the top surface carefully and drew the design on it with pencil. After that I painted it with bistre pigment, this is easy to apply corrections to, a wet cloth will swipe it off of the super smooth surface and it has a cool water-y painterly feel to it. This fitted the guitar, the person, and the music style perfectly. Some layers of carefully applied wood-varnish later we could go jam on the beach!!! <3

Face Paint

A favor I did for a colleague of mine. His daughter was doing her first communion and as a suprise I went over and face painted her and her friends. They were so cute!!!

Birth card Paul


My best friend was having her first baby. She - kind as she is - thought no one else would understand and execute her idea for a birth card better than me.

I used Zbrush and photoshop for this. Zbrush, odd yes I know, is great for painting and sketching. It has symmetry!!! :o 


Zombie make-up

I decided to test out some fx make-up and tried to go for the ripped mouth gig. 

Using toiletpaper, latex, kryolan make-up and fake blood I had the time of my life ^^



Copic Markers

There was a time where I first got to know Copic markers. I totally fell in love. Back in the day I used to paint a lot of stuff that should've been done with markers.

Since a friend of mine owned a huge set like these, I borrowed it and got to work.
I got the quote from "Hesitation Blues", a song by Janis Joplin which I loved back then.

This was a mix of markers, and white paint, on A3 paper.